Vienna Meeting

Here is the report of our meeting with Swee and Vadjutka upon request from several EST members: A while ago Swee informed me that she was planning to come to Vienna for her 23th ( !! ) birthday. As KreativLink is living nearby and I’m already here, we thought a meeting would be lovely. VadjutkaContinue reading “Vienna Meeting”

Walnut-Apple Dessert

Every time I make this dessert I decide to make it more often. Much, much more often. But then something happens and I wait till the next time when I expect guests. This recipe will serve 8-10 people. Ingredients: … for the apple layer2 ground apples4 tablespoons sugar1 teaspoon cinnamon powder100 gr ground walnuts …Continue reading “Walnut-Apple Dessert”

Bugs in writing

So, you finished your masters … you feel smart and are proud of yourself for having had the determination and will power to do it? Well, enjoy the feeling while it lasts !! If you are going to write a dissertation as well, you will feel different … soon !! All will start with theContinue reading “Bugs in writing”

Walnut Fig Dessert

I wanted my first blog entry to be something appealing and sweet. What better than sharing a recipe of one of my favourite desserts, right ? 🙂 This recipe is originally from the Turkish blog “ Portakal Agaci ”. However, I adjusted it a little bit. Ingredients: … for the cake3 eggs3/4 cup of sugar1 cupContinue reading “Walnut Fig Dessert”