June 14, 2022

Here is a list of my likes and dislikes to give a rough idea about me. I’m also on Goodreads.


… books, thinking, ice cream, language learning, good food in small portions, yarn, stationary, gadgets, Java, Istanbul, libraries, rainy days, Zaytuna College, puns, compilers, logic and reasoning, Feynman books, airports, Kung Fu, knowledge based approaches to life, command line programming, Wodehouse, Ramadan (the month), Stargate, Yusuf Islam/Cat Stevens songs (Peace Train, Miles from Nowhere, On the Road to Find Out), tea, Dr. Who, watermelons, Bortolotti, tulips, LaTeX, Discworld, Ken Robinson talks, JavaScript, board games (Dixit, Bohnanza), essays by William Zinsser, tiny houses, duolingo*, forvo, replit, …

*Autocorrect tried to correct duolingo to dueling. No, I don’t like dueling.


… self-pity, loudness, smoking, spoiled kids (and adults for that matter), disturbing videos and books, to cry when not alone, greed, miserliness, students who don’t want to put the effort into learning, indecisiveness, alarm clocks, opera, sloppy thinking, assumptions based approaches to life, television, bubble gum noise (major misophonia trigger), arrogance, heels, …