Project “EST Granny Square Blanket”

June 14, 2022


Some time ago, ArtMind from the European Street Team (EST) on Etsy blogged about her dream in progress, referring to a granny square blanket she was working on.

Back then I mentioned the idea that we, as the EST members, could make a collaborative granny square blanket for the team, where all participating members would send a square or two for me to put together as a blanket. The response from many a EST member was convincing enough to announce this project now.

How to participate:

  • send me a convo over my Etsy shop
  • with your participation you will commit yourself to send me at least one granny square by the end of November 2009
  • it would be highly appreciated if the squares would be 7 cm x 7 cm, made out of mercerized cotton yarn.
  • as for the yarn: I’m using regular crafty yarn with which 26 stitches amount to 10 cm. Washable at 40 degrees (see picture below)
  • 3 sized crochet hook should be ideal for the yarn
  • You can use this tutorial to make your squares.

As you can see, I already started by crcoheting two squares 🙂

Happy crocheting !! 🙂

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